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Google Webmaster Tools Explained - NetServices

Net Services has completed several Data Cable installations in St Peters MO over the past few years.


‘’ Just a quick e-mail to tell you thanks for setting up our home phone system. Your
company provided us with excellent, timely set up service as well as professional
follow-up and training. We are planning to utilize your services to facilitate our
office move in May. Again, thanks for your help and if you would like for anyone to
stop by and look at our home system, let us know. We would be more than happy
to demonstrate it to them.”
Michelle G,sunset Hill, MO


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Home Google Webmaster Tools Explained

Google Webmaster Tools Explained

Google Webmaster Tools Explained
By Bedrich Omacka

Google webmaster tools offer webmaster's great feedback about their websites. Everybody can sign up for free and after an easy verification process can see many useful information about his website. In this article is explained which information about your website you can get using Google webmaster tools.

1. Top search queries

In this table, you can watch the most frequent keywords which drive traffic to your Website. The number next to the keyword shows the average position of your Website for this keyword in search results.

2. Crawl errors

This part of Google webmaster tools is one of the most important. If there is something wrong in your Website, you will find it there. E. g. if your Website contains some broken links, you will find them under the "not found" link. Check out this table carefully and make necessary changes in your Website.

3. Links to your site

Using this table you can check out the number of links pointing to particular page on your domain. If you click on the number of the links, you can watch the detailed backlinks stats - you can see which sites link to your domain. Keep in mind that Google does not show all links. Even if Google take some link into account and use it to give your website higher value in search results, it does not mean it must be presented in this report.

4. Site maps

Using this feature you can submit a sitemap of your domain. If you have good internal linking, it is not necessary to submit the sitemap using this way. However, if you do it, it can speed up the crawling of your pages which are not crawled too often.

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