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Clay NY Voice and Data Cabling Installation Services - NetServices

Net Services has completed several Data cable installations in Alton IL over the past few years


"Net Services has completed several projects for my company, UtilIT Solutions LLC over the past few years. They always respond quickly and provide the highest quality service. The people are very professional, courteous, and adapt to changes in the project in real time. I would recommend Net Services to anyone. 
Guy Ware, President & CEO,  - UtilIT Solutions LLC


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Clay New York


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Voice and data communication expert Installers are available for your network cabling needs. Just click on the find bottom to submit a simple form to get match to a local installer in your area.

Structured cabling for adds, moves and changes for existing or new construction.  

  • Coax
  • Ethernet
  • Fiber optics
  • Paging
  • Security
  • Video
  • Voice

Cat 3 – used for voice cabling and 10Mb Ethernet

Cat 5 – used for 10/100Mb Ethernet and works for voice as well

Cat 5E – Enhanced Cat 5 cabling that helps to prevent cross-talk, works for 10/100Mb and 1000Mb (or Gigabit Ethernet)

Cat 6 – Like Cat 5E but with larger gauge wires, works for 10/100/1000Mb. This cable is better than Cat 5e for Gigabit Ethernet.

Cat 7 – Also called Class F, this is fully-shielded cabling and supports up to 600Mhz. This is a relatively new type of cabling and isn’t used much.

Net Services member of AGC

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"If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG."
Bill Gates


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