Computer Services St Louis

Complete IT computer Services and Support available now in the St Louis area

LAN switches, WAN bandwidth and Firewall, dedicated server plant (MS Exchange, File/Print Servers, and SharePoint), Windows desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office, Antivirus/Anti-SPAM, etc. You will never have a surprise expense or capital cost again!

The Perfect Phone & Computer System for You

Data Backup:

100% automatic backup daily with endless storage space

Data Safety:

Never lose critical company, customer or contractor information due to a lost or misplaced laptop because this information is stored in the cloud.

Home Service:

Whether you are working from home or at the office, you will have access to all your office data, and phone calls.

Phone service:

All the latest computer & phone features: (voice mail etc..)

Call Center, CRM Compatible


Never repair, buy or upgrade a server again.

No more Internet bills, your Internet access is bundle with this cloud package.

No capital Investment:

0 investment just a monthly fee as opposed to a huge investment.

Before you buy more┬ácomputer equipment that’s almost outdated before you unpack it contact me 314 323-1742. Avatara ( a local Cloud Company I have worked with for years ) and I will sit down with you and go in to details what your options are.